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Our identity

  • REUNION AERIENNE & SPATIALE is a French insurance provider and a pure specialist operating solely in the aviation and space markets for several decades.
  • As a leading global player, REUNION AERIENNE & SPATIALE operates worldwide, representing a significant share in the overall aeronautical market.
  • REUNION AERIENNE & SPATIALE provides the whole range of aviation and space operators with insurance and reinsurance solutions under two recognized and much appreciated brands, La Réunion Aérienne (LRA) and La Réunion Spatiale (LRS).
  • REUNION AERIENNE & SPATIALE expands its insurance and reinsurance business with the support of major insurance groups granting a high level of financial security.

Our mission

Be there for our clients in the long run, while providing them with protection which reflects their evolving needs.

Our ambition

Be the trusted partner of our clients for all their aviation and space insurance needs.


Our History

1953: the company is founded by Robert Malatier, a visionary insurance agent

1977: creation of La Réunion Aérienne as a GIE (economic interest grouping)

1983: entry into the space insurance market through the creation of the GIE La Réunion Spatiale

2016: creation of REUNION AERIENNE & SPATIALE SAS (simplified joint-stock company) allowing the company to develop within a strengthened legal entity framework


Our principals

The underwriting stamp for 2018 comprises the following internationally renowned, financially solid and highly rated insurers:

For aviation:

Generali IARD (Generali Group) 30 % A.M. Best: A
MMA IARD (Covéa Group) 30 % S&P: A+
SCOR UK (SCOR Group) 30 % S&P: AA-
PICC P&C Ltd (PICC Group) 10 % Moody's : A3

For space:

Generali IARD (Generali Group) 33 1/3 % A.M. Best: A
MMA IARD (Covéa Group) 33 1/3 % S&P: A+
SCOR UK (SCOR Group) 33 1/3 % S&P: AA-